Group of four Music Chairs Vintage Italy

Code :  ANTSED0000776


Group of four Music Chairs Vintage Italy

Code :  ANTSED0000776

Product Details

Style:  Impero (1804-1815)

Time:  The NINETEENTH Century - 1800

Year:  Inizi '800

Origin:  Toscana, Italia

Main essence:  Walnut

Material:  Solid Cherry Wood , Solid Walnut

A group of four early 19th Century Empire walnut and cherry music chairs with central baluster. Three turned legs ending in a tip. Round padded seats and padded open backrests. Imprinted and gilded leather seat and backrest with Napoleonic coat of arms depicting the crowned eagle. Part of the leather was substituted in the late 19th Century, reproducing the coat of arms. One of them is original. Manufactured in Tuscany, Italy.

Product Condition:
Good condition. Wear consistent with age and use. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 87
Width: 42
Depth: 45

Seat height:  49

Additional Information

Notes historical bibliographic:
This group of chairs from music, from a Tuscan villa, is a rarity in the modern and unusual design made clear from a local production following the canons of the first Empire. However, the presence of particular interest, not only to arouse aesthetic Napoleonic but also historical, these furnishings. The Eagle with the Imperial Crown, resting on the lightning quiver was the emblem chosen by the Emperor and King of Italy. This clearly leads us to hypothesize that the chairs were manufactured in Tuscany for one of its dwellings or of a family member; in fact, the Napoleonic Heraldry did not allow others to use its logo. Also the care with which the symbol is done playing in leathers replaced tells us how the next owner was aware of the historical importance and documentation that the symbol was.

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