Screen Printing by Luca Alinari 20th Century

Billiard, 1990

Code :  ARARCO0094952


Screen Printing by Luca Alinari 20th Century

Billiard, 1990

Code :  ARARCO0094952

Product Details

Billiard, 1990

Artist:  Luca Alinari (1943-2019)

Work title:  Biliardo, 1990

Time:  The TWENTIETH Century - 1900

Subject:  Abstract Composition

Artistic technique:  Stampa

Technical specification:  Screen printing

Screen printing on paper. Signed at the bottom right; serie's number 57/125 at the bottom right. Luca Alinari is an artis from Florence that built his artistical production, both pictorical and graphical, on a deep search of the free combination of objects and figures within fantastic and suspended atmospheres, on the suggestion of Neodada research and Pop Art. He experienced different pictorical techniques in which he combied fluorescent colors, decalcomania, collage, photographic transpositions. He had exposed all over Italy and abroad. The art work comes with frame.

Product Condition:
Very good condition. Wear consistent with age and use. It may have been restored by an expert. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures. Product with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lawful Origin.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 83
Width: 126
Depth: 2,5

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 71
Width: 114

Additional Information

La stampa è un processo per la produzione di testi e immagini, tipicamente mediante l'impiego dell'inchiostro su carta e di una pressa da stampa. Spesso viene svolto come processo industriale su larga scala ed è una parte essenziale dell'editoria.

Screen printing:
The silkscreen or screen printing is a printing technique art images and graphics on any support or surface by the use of a fabric (fabric printing), by depositing ink on a support through the open areas of the fabric. The term "serigraphy" derives from the Latin "seri" (silk) and Greek "grapho" (write), given that the first fabrics that served as stencils were of silk.

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