Cabinet in Ebony and Ivory

Code :  ANMOAL0097140


Cabinet in Ebony and Ivory

Code :  ANMOAL0097140

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Time:  17th century - 1600

Origin:  Napoli, Italia

Cabinet belonging to the Neapolitan production, dating back to the first quarter of the seventeenth century. On the front it has two doors (originally a single calatoia door) that give access to the inside, where there are three side drawers that frame a door that hides a compartment and two small drawers, and a single drawer in the lower part. The sides are in ebony with ivory threads, while the upper top is in ebonized wood and always decorated with ivory threads; the interiors are in spruce. The cabinet is entirely inlaid with engraved ivory reserves. In the internal part, a Greek ribbon runs between the small drawers, the front of which is decorated with landscapes inhabited by wayfarers or in which battle scenes take place; in the door in the center, on the other hand, a woman with an uncovered breast and a cornucopia overflowing with flowers and fruit is represented, probably an allegory of Abundance. The doors are also inlaid with ivory reserves with Greek frets and leaf festoons, one depicts a martyr saint with a palm and a column, presumably Saint Bibiana, while on the other a female figure holding an anchor, an allegory of Christian hope . Also in the internal part of the doors it has ivory reserves engraved with female figures, one not better identifiable and one turreted, which raises a ring above the head, probably an allegory of Faith; these two have been adapted from a coeval cabinet, made by a different workshop, presumably inserting them in the nineteenth century during the transformation of the single door into two doors.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 59,5
Width: 61,5
Depth: 36

With certificate of authenticity

Certificate issued by:  Enrico Sala

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