Ebony And Ivory Cabinet Naples Italy 17th Century

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Ebony And Ivory Cabinet Naples Italy 17th Century

Code :  ANMOAL0097140

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Ebony And Ivory Cabinet Naples Italy 17th Century


Time:  17th century - from 1601 to 1700

Origin:  Napoli, Italia


Neapolitan cabinet from the first quarter of the 17th century. It has two doors (originally a single door) that giving access to the inside, where there are three side drawers that frame a door that hides a compartment and two small drawers, and a single drawer in the lower part. The sides are made of ebony with ivory threading, while the top is made of ebonized wood and decorated with ivory threading; silve fir interiors. The cabinet is entirely inlaid with engraved ivory reserves. On the inside, a ribbon frieze runs between the drawers, the front of which is decorated with landscapes inhabited by travellers or in which battle scenes take place; the door in the centre depicts a woman with bare breasts and a cornucopia overflowing with flowers and fruit, probably an allegory of Abundance. The doors are also inlaid with ivory reserves with frets and leafy festoons; one depicts a martyred saint with a palm and a column, presumably Saint Bibiana, while the other depicts a female figure holding an anchor, an allegory of Christian hope. Also on the inside of the doors there are ivory reserves engraved with female figures, one unidentifiable and one turreted, raising a ring above her head, probably an allegory of Faith; these two were readapted from a coeval cabinet made by a different workshop, presumably inserted in the 19th century during the transformation of the single door into two doors.

Product Condition:
The item shows signs of wear due to age. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures. It may require restoration and recovery of french polish. Product with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lawful Origin.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 59,5
Width: 61,5
Depth: 36

With certificate of authenticity

Certificate issued by:  Enrico Sala, expert

Report issued by  Marco Zaia

Additional Information

Time: 17th century - from 1601 to 1700

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