Sideboard 'Prisma' produced by Echo by {* $ 0 $ *}

Code :  MOMOMO0100936


Sideboard 'Prisma' produced by Echo by {* $ 0 $ *}

Code :  MOMOMO0100936

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Product Details

Designer:  Aldo Maiocchi , Riccardo Nemeth

Production:  Echo by di Mano in Mano

Model:  Prisma

Time:  Later 2000

Production country:  Lombardia, Italia

Material:  Wood , Brass

Semi-gloss black sideboard characterized by simple shapes and a subtle play of overhangs and recesses. The three wooden boxes, obtained from a 60's furniture, are slightly offset in their positioning and generate a play of shadows and an intermediate support surface. The sides have open compartments, whose backdrops show the sides of the original wooden boxes. The brushed brass details of the handles, of the circular rings in the central niche and of the feet give the whole piece of furniture sober strokes of light: a piece of furniture that combines elegance and functionality.

Product Condition:
Product in very good condition which may show slight traces of wear; it may have undergone restoration work carried out by an expert.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 80
Width: 274
Depth: 51

Additional Information

Notes historical bibliographic:
The Echo collection recovers vintage furnishings, created with skill by artisans who breathed the harmony of the projects of the masters of Italian design, such as Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi, Carlo De Carli, and many others who created the Italian Bel Design. The transformation places the original piece as the protagonist and develops with stylistic changes of shape, color and finish, without ever betraying its identity but enhancing its cultural matrix of origin.

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