Set of Three England Mugs

Code :  OGANOG0105987


Set of Three England Mugs

Code :  OGANOG0105987

Product Details

Time:  XIX Century - 1800

Origin:  Inghilterra

Material:  Brass , Pewter

Set of three pewter mugs with brass rim. The half pint bears the Gaskell & Chambers Birmingham brand, a company founded in 1797 and operating under this name until the late 19th century. Marked "A34" on the hem. Dimensions: Cm 9 h x 11.5 l x 7.5 d. The pint bears the E Cowles Hounslow W mark. Marked “A / 2” “B / 8” “1/16” “K / 14” just below the rim. Dimensions: Cm 11.5 h x 14 l x 9 d. The quart has the following wording “E R 524 LCC” under the hem. Dimensions: Cm 15 h x 17.5 l x 10.5 d. Finally, all three mugs bear the hallmark of the English crown.

Product Condition:
Object that due to age and wear requires restoration.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 15
Width: 17,5

Maximum size (cm):
Diameter: 10,5

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