Luigi Timoncini

Allegory 1987

Code :  ARARNO0106787


Luigi Timoncini

Allegory 1987

Code :  ARARNO0106787

Product Details

Allegory 1987

Artist:  Luigi Timoncini (1928-2019)

Work title:  Allegoria

Time:  Contemporary

Subject:  Allegorical / Mythological Subject

Artistic technique:  Disegno

Technical specification:  Pastel

Pastels on paper. Signed and dated lower right. Further signature, date and title on the back. Luigi Timoncini, born in Faenza but artistically trained and raised in Milan, after a first pictorial phase linked to existential realism in which he proposed the dramatic loneliness of the man of the urban suburbs, then moves on to a painting of landscapes and religious works (including numerous stained glass windows for the Milanese churches) in which a more serene and sometimes even ironic vision of the difficult human condition takes over. The presented drawing proposes two nude figures, a man and a woman who, although surrounded by a rich production of vegetables (the fruits of the earth!), Turn their backs to each other, each lost in his solitude. The work is presented in a frame.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 78
Width: 98
Depth: 4

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 70
Width: 90

Additional Information

Il disegno è il processo di tracciare segni su una superficie tramite l'applicazione di una pressione o il trascinamento di un apposito strumento sulla superficie. Gli strumenti sono: matite in grafite o colorate, penna, pennelli fini con inchiostro, pastelli a cera o carboncini; i supporti tradizionali più frequenti sono carta, cartoncino, tavola, muro, tela, rame, vetro.

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