Liberty Cupboard With Mirror Italy 20th Century

Code :  ANMOCA0108045


Liberty Cupboard With Mirror Italy 20th Century

Code :  ANMOCA0108045

Product Details

Style:  Art Deco (1920s-1950s)

Time:  20th Century - 1900

Origin:  Italia

Material:  Mirror

Liberty cupboard supported by refined legs; it has 2 curved doors decorated with and engraved band at the bottom that, if opened, alloews the opening of the 2 central drawers that are surmounted by 3 drawers in the undertop band. Moulded marble top on which stands a mirror with a geometrical profile that ends with an engraved cimatium.

Product Condition:
The item shows signs of wear due to age. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures. It may require restoration and recovery of french polish. Product with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lawful Origin.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 199
Width: 137,5
Depth: 58

Additional Information

Art Deco (1920s-1950s):
The name Art Deco to the exhibition held in Paris in 1925 called the International Exhibition of the Arts-Decorative, Modern, and was the successor of art nouveau The historical period and stylistic formed subsequently to the period floral Liberty shortly after the end of the first world war. Change almost radical, in advance growing movement Precisionista and from that of Cubism (art), the Art-Deco furniture appeared to decidedly more rigid and geometric figures definitively abandoning the sinuous lines and moves, objects and furniture, of the previous art nouveau period. You said it was from the beginning of 1915 until the beginning of the 30's. This style was transversal and created the greatest exponents in the art forms the most diverse, from the urban architecture to painting, from sculpture to glass masters, from the production of objects as a complement of furnishings to jewelry.

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