Rococo Style Dresser

Code :  ANMOCA0108795

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Rococo Style Dresser

Code :  ANMOCA0108795

not available
Product Details

Style:  In stile Rococò

Time:  20th Century - 1900

Origin:  Italia

Main essence:  Bois de Rose Oak

Material:  Golden Bronze , Marble

Rococò style chest of drawers supported by wavy feet, on the wavy and rounded front it has two drawers plus one small size. Veneered in bois de rose with marqueterie, the interiors are in oak; top in old stain marble, it is adorned with gilded bronzes in the shoes and on the flaps, as well as in the vents and handles on the drawers.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 86
Width: 101
Depth: 47

Additional Information

In stile Rococò:
Ripresa stilistica, del 900, delle forme proprie dello stile Rococò ('700)

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