Piedmontese Empire bedside table

Code :  ANMOCO0120554


Piedmontese Empire bedside table

Code :  ANMOCO0120554

Product Details

Style:  Impero (1804-1815)

Time:  XIX Century - 1800

Origin:  Piemonte, Italia

Main essence:  walnuts Poplar

Material:  Marble

Piedmontese Empire bedside table, supported by feet of which the rear ones are plinth and the front ones are pine cone, on the front it has a drawer and a door, framed between truncated pyramidal uprights with herms and female feet in embossed sheet metal, to support the projecting undertop band in which there is another drawer. In walnut, the interiors are in poplar; the top is in marble.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 86,5
Width: 55,5
Depth: 42

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