Henry Dean Glass Vase

Code :  OGANOG0121496


Henry Dean Glass Vase

Code :  OGANOG0121496

Product Details

Origin:  Paesi Bassi

Material:  Glass

Blown glass vase. Brand of the manufacture under the base and adhesive label on the body of the vase.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 23
Width: 23
Depth: 13

Additional Information

Notes historical bibliographic:
The Henry Dean company was founded in 1972. Now a second generation family business, its focus has evolved from importing a whole range of different decorative items to designing and creating glassware and glass tableware. . Our designs are all created in-house and subsequently sent to be mouth blown by skilled craftsmen. The collection consists of three branches: first of all "Henry Dean" with his unique glass objects inspired by art, next to "Deanflowers" which offers a whole range of vases to high-level florists and last but not least " Land ”, a collection created for the home and the living environment. A true dedication to creating glass objects that are unique in shape, color and texture is our motivation for each of these collections

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The product is visible at Milan

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