Bas-relief by Giulio Branca

Maria Dolente

Code :  ARAROT0123672


Bas-relief by Giulio Branca

Maria Dolente

Code :  ARAROT0123672

Product Details

Maria Dolente

Artist:  Giulio Branca (1850-1926)

Work title:  Maria dolente

Time:  XIX Century - 1800

Subject:  Sacred subject

Origin:  Italia

Artistic technique:  Scultura-volume

Technical specification:  Bas-relief

Material:  Marble

Bas-relief in marble. Signature engraved along the left margin. Born in Cannobbio (on Lake Maggiore), Giulio Branca was initiated into art by the Cannobian sculptor Bergonzoli, and subsequently attended the nude and sculpture school of G. Strazza at the Brera Academy. Born in Cannobio on 13 December. 1850 by Ludovico, initiated into art by the Cannobian sculptor Bergonzoli, attended the school of nude and that of sculpture by G. Strazza at the Brera Academy. He created about four hundred sculptures, including commemorative monuments, funerary monuments and portrait busts. Branca also took part, following a competition, in the completion of that high wall of the Como cathedral which remained unfinished for centuries, sculpting various white marble figures on the facade and altar between 1897 and 1900. The work presented is a bas-relief showing, half-length, the Madonna of Sorrows flanked by two pious women. It is presented in a coeval wooden support frame from the late 19th-early 20th century.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 59
Width: 72
Depth: 12

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 54
Width: 31
Depth: 12

Additional Information

The bas-relief is a method of sculpture that carves the marble, or the stone from a rocky surface or a square block. It means to contrast the floor and gives the feeling of seeing a painting in relief. The image portrayed is detected above the flat surface and background. For example, if a marble slab is thick 10 inches before starting to carve, the background, in the end, can often be 5 inches, and the embossed image will be thick up to 5 inches. In some works of sculpture, the figure may be much more prominent compared to the foreground, and in this case we speak of high relief. This technique allows you to see the image much more protruding by to see the subject without deformation to the variation of the angle of vision.

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