Charles Frodsham Travel Clock

Code :  OGANOG0124086


Charles Frodsham Travel Clock

Code :  OGANOG0124086

Product Details

Style:  Victorian (1830-1890)

Time:  XIX Century - 1800

Origin:  Londra, Inghilterra

Material:  Golden Bronze , Glass

Travel clock in gilded bronze with beveled glasses. Visible movement and mechanism. Display with Roman numeral hours.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with small signs of wear. Mechanism not tested.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 14
Width: 8
Depth: 6

Maximum size (cm):
Height: 15

Additional Information

Victorian (1830-1890):
It refers to one of the prevailing style used during the victorian era. Like the latter, refers to the approximate duration of the reign of Queen victoria (20 June 1837 – 22 January 1901), from which it took its name.

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