Sculpture by Raffaello Consortini Bronze Wood Italy XX C.

Code :  OGANBR0131628

Sculpture by Raffaello Consortini Bronze Wood Italy XX C.

Code :  OGANBR0131628


Sculpture by Raffaello Consortini Bronze Wood Italy XX C.


Origin:  Italia

Material:  Bronze


Bronze sculpture depicting a female face mounted on a wooden base. Author's signature engraved behind

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with small signs of usage.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 44
Width: 20
Depth: 21

Additional Information

Notes historical bibliographic

Raffaello Consortini (Volterra, May 18, 1908 - Volterra, October 22, 2000) was an Italian sculptor. Raffaello Consortini was born in Volterra on May 18, 1908 into a family of alabaster, known throughout the world for his artistic skills in the processing of local alabaster. Raphael began his training in his father's workshop where he immediately demonstrated an aptitude for drawing and manual work. In the following years he enrolled first at the Volterra School of Art, where he had Giacomo Padovan as a teacher, and later, in 1929, at the Art School of Florence where he won a scholarship with a work appreciated by Domenico Trentacoste. From 1933 to 1936 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and simultaneously enrolled in the Magisterium Course of the Art Institute of Florence under the teachings of Libero Andreotti. In 1936 he obtained the eligibility for the competition for the chair of tidy drawing and became full professor of decorative and figurative plastic at the Art Institute of Palermo. From the thirties to the seventies he obtained many awards for his activity as a sculptor, collecting prizes in competitions and receiving many commissions from both public and private institutions. His sculptural skills brought him to the attention of critics and the press and, between the thirties and the forties, Raphael arrived at the twentieth, twenty-second and twenty-third Venice Biennale with works of clear realistic flavor. In 1942 he was appointed honorary member of the Accademia dei Sepolti of Volterra and in 1945 he was made a member of the Volterra Commission of Sacred Art. In 1956 he was appointed Academician at the Florentine Academy of Drawing Arts. In the last period of his existence, having overcome the classical tradition of working with noble materials and abandoning the technique of the preparatory study with plaster, he came to experiment with the use of cement. Raffaello Consortini died in Volterra on 22 October 2000. The Casa Museo di Borgo San Giusto is dedicated to Raffaello Consortini, the house where the artist actually lived, used as a museum according to his precise testamentary dispositions.

Material: Bronze

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