Umbertine Mirror Glass Italy XIX Century

Italy Late 19th century

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Umbertine Mirror Glass Italy XIX Century

Italy Late 19th century

Code :  ANMOAL0143825

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Umbertine Mirror Glass Italy XIX Century - Italy Late 19th century


Italy Late 19th century

Style:  Umbertino (1870-1900)

Time:  19th Century / 1801-1900

Origin:  Italy

Material:  Gilded Wood , Carved Wood


Large Umbertine mirror in carved and gilded wood, Italy, late 19th century. Frame with molded profiles, carved on the perimeter with leaves, phytomorphic spirals and curls. Coping with a fully rounded female face within a coat of arms. Breaks and failures.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 248
Width: 157
Depth: 26

Additional Information

Style: Umbertino (1870-1900)

The name of this style is due to the ruler of the time Umberto I, appointed King of the Kingdom of Italy on 9 January 1878 and assassinated on 9 July 1900.
The Umbertino style is typically Italian and belongs to that Eclectic period that characterized the second half of the 19th century, which lasted just under twenty years, the Umbertino style spread around 1880 and ended around 1895 when a new style called Liberty and universally known took over. like Art-Nouveau to be followed by Art-Decò.
In this style, mainly eclectic and monumental, Gothic and Baroque elements originally belonging to the Renaissance but also adorned with large masks, frames and decorations were re-proposed in the furniture, from the bedside table to the large wardrobe or sideboard.
Find out more about the Umbertine style with our insights:
An Umbertine secretary dedicated to Dante Alighieri
A comparison between a Luigi Filippo console and an Umbertina one

Time: 19th Century / 1801-1900


Gilded Wood

Carved Wood

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