Mentore Silvani Oil on Canvas Italy 1872

Snowy Landscape with Figures 1872

Code :  ARAROT0147772

Mentore Silvani Oil on Canvas Italy 1872

Snowy Landscape with Figures 1872

Code :  ARAROT0147772

Mentore Silvani Oil on Canvas Italy 1872 - Snowy Landscape with Figures 1872


Snowy Landscape with Figures 1872

Artist:  Mentore Silvani (1844-1905)

Work title:  Paesaggio innevato con figure

Time:  XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

Subject:  Landscape with Figures

Origin:  Parma

Artistic technique:  Pittura

Technical specification:  Oil on canvas

Description : Paesaggio innevato con figure

Oil on canvas. Signed, dated 1872 and located in Parma in the lower right corner. It is a large winter landscape with a strong scenic impact, which fits well into the scenographic traditionalism of the painting of Mentore Silvani, a native artist of Traversetolo (Parma), a landscape painter but also known as a set designer. In the scene, sprinkled with the white of a short snowfall that creates that typical rarefied and silent winter atmosphere, between bare and dry trees, a dirt road winds its way through by a traveler; on the right a dilapidated building with a wash house where a woman draws water; in the center a small column on which a sacred image is mounted. Trained in his hometown, Silvani participated in the exhibitions of the Encouragement of Parma starting from 1864, and it is mainly in his city that his works are found today (at the Municipality of Parma, the National Gallery, the Paolo Toschi artistic high school ); however, he also exhibited in Milan (1872) and Florence (1875). Trained as a scenographer at the school of Gerolamo Magnani, Silvani held this position in Parma but also in Venice starting from 1871. His pictorial production, which includes mainly rural landscapes of the Parma countryside, is always characterized by fidelity to reality. The work proposed here is presented in a contemporary frame.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 149
Width: 238
Depth: 10

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 125
Width: 214

Additional Information

Artist: Mentore Silvani (1844-1905)

Time: XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

Subject: Landscape with Figures

Artistic technique: Pittura

La pittura è l'arte che consiste nell'applicare dei pigmenti a un supporto come la carta, la tela, la seta, la ceramica, il legno, il vetro o un muro. Essendo i pigmenti essenzialmente solidi, è necessario utilizzare un legante, che li porti a uno stadio liquido, più fluido o più denso, e un collante, che permetta l'adesione duratura al supporto. Chi dipinge è detto pittore o pittrice. Il risultato è un'immagine che, a seconda delle intenzioni dell'autore, esprime la sua percezione del mondo o una libera associazione di forme o un qualsiasi altro significato, a seconda della sua creatività, del suo gusto estetico e di quello della società di cui fa parte.

Technical specification: Oil on canvas

The oil painting is a painting technique using powder pigments mixed with bases in inert and oils.

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