G. Gariboldi Container with Lid and Egg Cup Ceramic Italy 1950s

Code :  OGMOOG0148119

G. Gariboldi Container with Lid and Egg Cup Ceramic Italy 1950s

Code :  OGMOOG0148119


G. Gariboldi Container with Lid and Egg Cup Ceramic Italy 1950s


Designer:  Giovanni Gariboldi

Production:  Ginori San Cristoforo

Time:  1950 - 1959

Production country:  Milano, Italia

Material:  Ceramic


Green glazed ceramic container with lid and egg cup from the Giovanni Gariboldi, Richard-Ginori, San Cristoforo Manufacture. Brand under the base.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Maximum size (cm):
Height: 10

Additional Information

Designer: Giovanni Gariboldi

Giovanni Gariboldi could be defined as a man-company ideal. He worked for Richard Ginori where he established an engaging and tactile relationship where the know-how inside is expressed in sensual co-responsibility and participation, or in that sense of doing together not limited to the ceramic company, but extended to the territory and even more end user, who, perhaps, was never caught by a Gio Ponti more interested in waste and exceptional performance than in the routine of functional details and practical adaptation for production needs. Gariboldi had a "leading role within the Artistic Service of San Cristoforo" in the following thirteen years, remaining in direct contact with the more specific problems of the ceramic technique, sometimes investigating the "possibilities offered by monochrome" combined with embossed decorations, or passing from the recovery of "ancient repertoires of manufacture" to the reinterpretation of the same Pontian geometric motifs. Gariboldi thus becomes a man of reconstruction, and in his early years as director of the Artistic Service he is involved and involved more in the corporate strategy of "expanding the chain of shops" than in the "creation of models and decorations". Many pieces have been designed to be adaptable to multiple functions and uses; the choice of making it in Ariston porcelain (a less refined material than traditional porcelain, but harder, more resistant and cheaper) allows to contain costs. This project, awarded in the same year with the Compasso d'Oro, has since become a sort of model of modern everyday life to which Gariboldi would have dedicated himself in the following three decades with updates and improvements, winning the gold medal at the 25th International Competition of Ceramics. of Art of Faenza in 1967.

Production: Ginori San Cristoforo

Time: 1950 - 1959

Material: Ceramic

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