Baroque Support Frame Wood Italy XVIII Century

Baroque Italy Early 1700s

Code :  OGANOG0148822

Baroque Support Frame Wood Italy XVIII Century

Baroque Italy Early 1700s

Code :  OGANOG0148822


Baroque Support Frame Wood Italy XVIII Century - Baroque Italy Early 1700s


Baroque Italy Early 1700s

Style:  Baroque (1630-1730)

Time:  XVIII Century - from 1701 to 1800

Origin:  Italia

Material:  Carved Wood


Support frame in carved and gilded wood with mirror. Leaf scroll decoration.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with signs of wear, falls and small imperfections.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 61
Width: 48
Depth: 13

Additional Information

Style: Baroque (1630-1730)

The term derives from the Spanish phoneme Barrueco or Portuguese barroco and literally means "shapeless pearl". Already around the middle of the eighteenth century in France it was synonymous with unequal, irregular, bizarre, while in Italy the diction was of medieval memory and indicated a figure of the syllogism, an abstraction of thought. This historical period was identified with the derogatory term of baroque, recognizing in it extravagance and contrast with the criteria of harmony and expressive rigor to which it was intended to return under the influence of Greco-Roman art and the Italian Renaissance. Baroque, secentista and secentismo were synonymous with bad taste. As far as furniture is concerned, ideational freedom, the need for pomp and virtuosity originated a synergy destined to produce unsurpassed masterpieces. The materials deployed were worthy of competing with the most astonishing tales of Marco Polo: lapis lazuli, malachite, amber, ivory, tortoiseshell, gold, silver, steel, precious wood essences and more, dressed the furnishings that by shape and imagination virtually gave life to the a thousand and one nights of many powerful Italians. Typical of the period were load-bearing or accessory parts resolved with spiral column motifs, clearly inspired by the Berninian canopy of St. Peter, parts with rich sculptural high-relief carving and even in the round within a whirlwind of volutes, cartocci and spirals, curved and broken profiles , copings shaken by gables of articulated shaping, aprons adorned with ornaments, corbels, buttresses and anything else needed to move shapes and structures. The Baroque is, moreover, the century of illusionism: lacquers and lean tempera flock to furniture and furnishings to imitate with the marbling effects of marble veins or games of precious briars.
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Time: XVIII Century - from 1701 to 1800

Material: Carved Wood

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