Art Decò Cabinet Rosewood Italy XIX Century

Second Fourth of the 20th Century

Code :  ANMOST0152213

Art Decò Cabinet Rosewood Italy XIX Century

Second Fourth of the 20th Century

Code :  ANMOST0152213


Art Decò Cabinet Rosewood Italy XIX Century - Second Fourth of the 20th Century


Second Fourth of the 20th Century

Style:  Art Deco (1920-1950)

Age:  20th Century - from 1901 to 2000

Origin:  Italia

Main essence:  Maple Rosewood


Art Decò cabinet with central mirror framed between two bedside tables with semicircular doors, on which rest two lamps within niches with rotating door; veneered in maple burl and rosewood.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear may require restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 180
Width: 122
Depth: 38

Additional Information

Style: Art Deco (1920-1950)

The name Art Déco is due to the exhibition held in Paris in 1925, which was called the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts and was the successor of the Liberty style.
Art Déco is a historical stylistic period formed after the Liberty floral period, shortly after the end of the First World War.
There was an almost radical change anticipated by the growth of the Precisionist movement and that of Cubism (in art), the Art-Decò furnishings were characterized by decidedly more rigid lines and the presence of geometric figures, definitively abandoning the sinuous and wavy lines , of objects and furnishings, from the previous Liberty period.
It asserted itself from the dawn of 1915 until the beginning of the 30s.
This style was transversal and major exponents were created in the most diverse art forms, from urban architecture to painting, from sculpture to glass masters, from the production of objects such as furnishing accessories to jewellery.

Age: 20th Century - from 1901 to 2000

Main essence:


Hard, light wood used for inlays. It grows mainly in Austria, but it is widespread throughout the northern hemisphere, from Japan to North America, passing through China and Europe. It is one of the lightest woods ever, tending to white, it is similar to lime or birch wood. The briar is used in the production of ancient secretaires .


Under the term Rosewood various exotic, hard and heavy woods have been united, characterized by a color that varies from pink to violet. Their origin is usually from Latin America, India and Africa and are still considered very valuable woods. Until the end of the eighteenth century, this name also referred to the bois de violette . In general, rosewood woods began to be imported into Europe starting in 1750 and were first used for veneers and inlays in England, flanked, by contrast, with lighter woods. Later, entire valuable furniture was manufactured both in England, mainly in the Regency style, and in France, starting from the Neoclassical period.

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