Rest on the Flight into Egypt Oil on Canvas XVIII-XIX Century

Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Code :  ARARPI0153881

Rest on the Flight into Egypt Oil on Canvas XVIII-XIX Century

Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Code :  ARARPI0153881


Rest on the Flight into Egypt Oil on Canvas XVIII-XIX Century - Rest on the Flight into Egypt


Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Artwork title:  Riposo nella fuga in Egitto

Age:  XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900 , XVIII Century - from 1701 to 1800

Subject:  Sacred subject

Artistic technique:  Pittura

Technical specification:  Oil on canvas

Description : Riposo nella fuga in Egitto

Oil painting on canvas. XVIII -XIX century. The sacred theme in this scene takes on a familiar connotation, full of very earthly tenderness and intimacy: in an almost exotic context, which evokes an oasis in the desert for palm trees and a spring of water in a barren and hilly landscape. bare, Joseph and Mary sit to rest during their flight to Egypt, to escape the persecution of Herod; the mother tenderly holds baby Jesus on her knees, looks at him tenderly and swaddles him, while Joseph observes them pleased and relaxed. The whole scene is characterized by the dominance of brown-ocher colors, from which only Maria's dress differs, in her traditional blue and red colors; in the background, a clear sky in the colors of a dawn that has just dawned, with shades of pink. The canvas was applied on a new frame from the mid-1900s and placed in a frame from the same period, which has some shortcomings.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Frame Size (cm):
Height: 104
Width: 124
Depth: 8

Artwork dimensions (cm):
Height: 85
Width: 105

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XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

The revolutions in Europe between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, accelerating social, political and economic changes, favor the birth of a new artistic movement, Romanticism, which places sentiment and love of country and that, detaching itself from the forms of Neoclassicism, proposes a style that shows the deep emotions of man, aroused by real life. In particular, in painting, historical subjects, scenes of popular life and patriotic struggle, the landscape as an expression of love for nature and orientalist subjects are imposed. To express emotions and feelings, we begin to use bright colors, the outlines are blurred, the contrasts of lights increase, to then progressively arrive at a painting, with the Macchiaioli first and then with the Impressionists, "en plein air", pure exaltation of emotions, chromatic effects, subjective impressions.
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XVIII Century - from 1701 to 1800

In the century of the Enlightenment, or the exaltation of reason and science as the only tools that can free man from ignorance and the yoke of the Church and the nobility, art passes from the intent of the Baroque to tell religious truths or to imitate nature, with strong chiaroscuro contrasts and artificial excesses, to the lighter and more vaporous forms (sometimes even frivolous and affected) of the so-called Barocchetto or Rococò, to lead to Neoclassicism which, looking at the ancient art of the Greeks and Romans, wants to re-propose the discovery of beauty, in the search for harmony, proportions, balances.
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Subject: Sacred subject

Artistic technique: Pittura

La pittura è l'arte che consiste nell'applicare dei pigmenti a un supporto come la carta, la tela, la seta, la ceramica, il legno, il vetro o un muro. Essendo i pigmenti essenzialmente solidi, è necessario utilizzare un legante, che li porti a uno stadio liquido, più fluido o più denso, e un collante, che permetta l'adesione duratura al supporto. Chi dipinge è detto pittore o pittrice. Il risultato è un'immagine che, a seconda delle intenzioni dell'autore, esprime la sua percezione del mondo o una libera associazione di forme o un qualsiasi altro significato, a seconda della sua creatività, del suo gusto estetico e di quello della società di cui fa parte.

Technical specification: Oil on canvas

The oil painting is a painting technique using powder pigments mixed with bases in inert and oils.

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