Rocking Chair Poplar Italy 1960s

Code :  MOSEPO0155810

Rocking Chair Poplar Italy 1960s

Code :  MOSEPO0155810


Rocking Chair Poplar Italy 1960s


Production:  Reguitti

Time:  1960 - 1969

Production country:  Italia

Main essence:  Poplar

Material:  Stained Wood , Leatherette


Folding rocking chair with structure in stained poplar wood, seat and back in imitation leather.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 103
Width: 66
Depth: 94

Seat height:  44

Additional Information

Production: Reguitti

Reguitti Spa is a group of people attentive to their work and customer requests. We are not only committed to the manufacture of the product but also and substantially the provision of the best service to the customer thanks to a continuous exchange of experiences. Dynamism, timeliness, concreteness, tenacity, constant verification, professionalism and personal attention to the individual customer, are the distinctive characteristics in which we recognize ourselves. The experience of the users, the contact with the retailers, our production and commercial capacity are the phases of a process which, after more than thirty years from its foundation in 1975, have brought the company to this size. We do not claim to be perfect, but we know that we are willing to improve and tenaciously ingenious when it comes to responding to the most diverse needs and the most specific customizations of our customers. This flexibility, which very often comes at the expense of easier standardization, is precisely what makes us appreciate our customers, who are always ready to "put ourselves to the test". This two-way relationship has allowed us to develop one of the widest range of products for handles and brass accessories for wood, aluminum and PVC frames.

Time: 1960 - 1969

Main essence: Poplar

Essence considered "poor", it is a white wood, with yellowish or greyish shades, light and tender, which is easily damaged. It is used for rustic furniture or in the construction of furniture. The most valuable use it has had in the history of furniture is in Germany, in the 19th century, for veneers and inlays in the Biedermeier period.


Stained Wood


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