P. Gauili Oil on Wooden Table Italy 1957

Vase with Flowers, 1957

Code :  ARARNO0157870

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P. Gauili Oil on Wooden Table Italy 1957

Vase with Flowers, 1957

Code :  ARARNO0157870

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P. Gauili Oil on Wooden Table Italy 1957 - Vase with Flowers, 1957


Vase with Flowers, 1957

Artist:  Piero Gauli (1916-2012)

Work title:  Vaso con Fiori

Time:  XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

Subject:  Floral Composition

Origin:  Italia

Artistic technique:  Pittura

Technical specification:  Oil on panel

Description : Vaso con Fiori

Oil on the table. Signed and dated lower left. It is the work of the Milanese painter Piero Gauli, who joined the current group, creating a painting characterized by a strongly expressionist style, full of colors and rich in reds of Venetian ancestry, who digs the material like a hard-working sculptor. The painting is presented with a brass profile, inserted in a contemporary wooden frame.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 62
Width: 52
Depth: 8

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 50
Width: 39

Additional Information

Artist: Piero Gauli (1916-2012)

Born in Milan in 1916, Piero Gauli Initially he mainly worked as a set designer. In 1940 he met and joined the Corrente group, as a natural consequence of his style, a painting characterized by hollowed out figures loaded with color, a strongly expressionist style rich in reds of Venetian ancestry, which digs the material like a hard-working sculptor, a work of to approach the Comacine masters by the same admission as Gauli. He participated in the initiatives of Corrente until the group's final collective in 1941 and again until his departure for the Russian front in 1942, the date on which he definitively detaches himself from the group. During the war he was interned in the Nazi camp of Cholm, where he produced several drawings that tell of his experience as a fighter. Later, on his return from captivity, his work always remained linked to his first experience and even if the character and strength of the stroke will fade, it was always characterized by the expressionist sign, as in the first part of his activity which is considered the most interesting and fruitful of his career. Gauli was also a good ceramist. He was the last member of the Corrente group to go out in 2012.

Time: XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

Subject: Floral Composition

Artistic technique: Pittura

La pittura è l'arte che consiste nell'applicare dei pigmenti a un supporto come la carta, la tela, la seta, la ceramica, il legno, il vetro o un muro. Essendo i pigmenti essenzialmente solidi, è necessario utilizzare un legante, che li porti a uno stadio liquido, più fluido o più denso, e un collante, che permetta l'adesione duratura al supporto. Chi dipinge è detto pittore o pittrice. Il risultato è un'immagine che, a seconda delle intenzioni dell'autore, esprime la sua percezione del mondo o una libera associazione di forme o un qualsiasi altro significato, a seconda della sua creatività, del suo gusto estetico e di quello della società di cui fa parte.

Technical specification: Oil on panel

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