Small Box Iron Germany 1930s-1940s

Germany 30s 40s

Code :  OGANOG0161104

Small Box Iron Germany 1930s-1940s

Germany 30s 40s

Code :  OGANOG0161104


Small Box Iron Germany 1930s-1940s - Germany 30s 40s


Germany 30s 40s

Style:  Art Decò (1920-1950)

Time:  XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

Origin:  Germania

Material:  Iron


Small box in imitation wood enamelled iron and decorated with silver-colored geometric profiles. Inside identification label.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 17
Width: 42
Depth: 27

Additional Information

Style: Art Decò (1920-1950)

The name Art-Decò derives from the exhibition held in Paris in 1925, which was called the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts and was the successor of the Liberty style.
Art-Decò is a stylistic historical period formed after the Liberty floral period, shortly after the end of the First World War.
There was an almost radical change anticipated by the growth of the Precisionist movement and that of Cubism (in art), the Art-Decò furnishings were characterized by decidedly more rigid lines and the presence of geometric figures, definitively abandoning the sinuous and moved lines , of objects and furnishings, of the previous Liberty period.
It was established from the dawn of 1915 until the early 30's.
This style was transversal and major exponents were created in the most diverse art forms, from urban architecture to painting, from sculpture to glass masters, from the production of objects as a complement to furnishings to jewelry.

Time: XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

Material: Iron

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