Sideboard Teak Italy 1950s-1960s

Code :  MOMOMO0173067

Sideboard Teak Italy 1950s-1960s

Code :  MOMOMO0173067


Sideboard Teak Italy 1950s-1960s


Production:  Italiana

Time:  1950 - 1959 , 1960 - 1969

Production country:  Italia

Material:  Veneer Teak


Sideboard with hinged doors and exposed drawers; teak veneered wood.

Product Condition:
Furniture in very good condition which may show slight traces of wear; it may have undergone restoration work carried out by an expert.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 96
Width: 226
Depth: 50,5

Additional Information

Production: Italiana


1950 - 1959

1960 - 1969

Material: Veneer Teak

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