Poltrona Frau Viking Armchair Leather Italy 1980s

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Poltrona Frau Viking Armchair Leather Italy 1980s

Code :  MOSEPO0183106

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Poltrona Frau Viking Armchair Leather Italy 1980s


Production:  Poltrone Frau

Model:  Viking

Time:  1980s

Production country:  Italy

Material:  Foam , Plywood , Leather


Armchair with footrest; walnut-stained curved plywood, foam padding, leather upholstery.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, shows small signs of wear. We try to present the real state as fully as possible with photos. If some details are not clear from the photos, what is reported in the description will prevail.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 97,5
Width: 79
Depth: 86

Seat height:  42

Additional Information

Production: Poltrone Frau

1912: Renzo Frau files the trademark at the Turin Chamber of Commerce. 1919: Poltrona Frau "128". Today in the catalog with the name 1919. 1926: Poltrona Frau appointed supplier of the "Real Casa". 1926: Manifesto of the Eternal Father drawn by Goliath (Eugenio Colmo). 1929: Poltrona Frau "118". Today in the catalog with the name Fumoir. 1930: Poltrona Frau "904". Today in the catalog with the name Vanity Fair. 1934: "Lyra" armchair. Like the 1916 armchair, but with a rounded deco-style backrest. 1939: Poltrona Frau "900A". Today in the catalog with the name Tabarin. 1945-60: Frau New Line continues the success of the 900 series and forms are introduced. 1962: Poltrona Frau is acquired by Nazareno Gabrielli and managed by Franco Moschini, current President. 1965: Dezza designed by Giò Ponti, wins first prize at the Tecnhotel in Genoa. 1968: Lullaby the round bed by Luigi Massoni: Frau quality, research and transgression. 1970: Smoking designed by Sergio Mazza and Giuliana Gramigna. 1976: Petronio, designed by Tito Agnoli, author for Poltrona Frau of Poppy, Prelude, I Rondò and Aurora. 1982: Ouverture, designed by Pierluigi Cerri. 1983: Interlude, designed by Marco Zanuso. 1984: Antropovarius designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche: design, ergonomics and carbon fiber. 1984: Poltrona Frau realizes the leather interiors of Thema 8:32 with Ferrari engine. Frau Car is born. 1984: Sala Frau in Spoleto. Poltrona Frau furnishes the first theater and begins the Contract business. 1987: I Madrigali 4 by Fabio Lenci and Giovanna Talocci is the four-poster bed goes to the world expo in Brisbane. 1989: Interview, drawn by Lella and Massimo Vignelli for the studies of TG2 RAI (Italian Radio Television) 1990: The entire Frau to Franco Moschini: liquidates the shareholders with a Leverage by out operation. 1992: Hydra, designed by Luca Scacchetti 1996: Monsieur Pol, designed by Avant Travaux, furnishes the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 1996: West Coast, designed by Richard Meier & Partners for the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 1997: Lola, by Pierluigi Cerri is selected for the ADI Compasso d'Oro. 1997: Nuwelle, designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche. 1998: Artù, designed by Michele De Lucchi. 1998: Wing, a table and chair completely made of carbon fiber. 1998: Touch, designed by Jean Nouvel. 1998: Ferrari interior. After Lancia, BMW, Nissan and Mercedes, the first production Ferrari is saddled. 1999: Titano, by Pierluigi Cerri. The titanium table wins the ADI Compasso d'Oro. 2001: Pierluigi Cerri designs Quadra, a modular seating system destined to become a bestseller. 2001: Poltrona Frau acquires Gebrueder Thonet Vienna. 2002: Poltrona Frau furnishes Renzo Piano BW's "Parco della Musica" in Rome. 2002: After Alitalia and VIP fittings for jets and private helicopters, JAL's Top Class seats are born. 2003: New industrial strategic development plan. Luca di Montezemolo's Charme fund enters at 30%. 2003: Frank O. Ghery designs the armchair for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles for Poltrona Frau. 2004: Poltrona Frau acquires Cappellini, the company that represents the avant-garde of design. 2005: Poltrona Frau acquires Cassina S.p.A .: the company that is the symbol of international design returns to Italian. 2005: Milan, Rome and Naples the first 3 Poltrona Frau flagship stores, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. 2005: Alias and Nemo also join the Poltrona Frau Group with Cassina. 2006: Poltrona Frau S.p.A., with all the companies of the Group, is listed in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. 2006: April, a new successful model is born: Kennedee designed by Jean-Marie Massaud 2006: Poltrona Frau presents the wardrobe trunk designed by Andrée Putman at the Salone del Mobile Oceano. 2007: Jockey and Alone win the 2007 "Good Design" award. 2007: Poltrona Frau wins the 2007 Targa d'Oro award for Armando Testa's Ritratti advertising campaign. 2007: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, furnished with the products of the companies of the Poltrona Frau group, was inaugurated in Rome. 2008: Poltrona Frau Group Design Center is inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, where all the brands of the group are exhibited 2008: Poltrona Frau furnishes the new Oslo Opera House. 2009: Poltrona Frau on display at the BMW Welt in Munich. 2009: Milano Design Village is born. The event attracts over 50,000 visits.

Time: 1980s





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