Box Carp Shaped Japan 19th Century

Code :  OGANOG0106305

Box Carp Shaped Japan 19th Century

Code :  OGANOG0106305


Box Carp Shaped Japan 19th Century


Time:  XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

Origin:  Giappone


Box with a characteristic carp shape, entirely lacquered with gilded parts, the eyes are in glass paste and the teeth are in wood. The upper part of the body is removable and conceals the internal compartment, which is also entirely lacquered. Losses between the teeth and on the caudal fin. It belongs to the Japanese production, dating back to the 19th century.

Product Condition:
The item shows signs of wear due to age. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures. It may require restoration and recovery of french polish. Product with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lawful Origin.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 36
Width: 109
Depth: 27

With certificate of authenticity

Certificate issued by:  Enrico Sala

Additional Information

Time: XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

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