F.A.Q. Rental

F.a.q. Rental

A few simple information useful for defining the terms of the rental Di Mano in Mano.

1. Choose the products that interest you

Browse our site dedicated exclusively to rental , browse the catalogs of antiques, modern art, art and clothing and find the unique pieces that are right for you.

2. Add the chosen products to the cart

Once found, add the products that interest you to the rental cart.
The cost is already calculated for all rentals of less than 30 days * .

3. Follow a few simple steps

Complete the form with all the data useful for rental purposes, decide whether to use our delivery service or collect the goods at our warehouse in Cambiago ,
choose the payment method you prefer and confirm everything.

4. Take care of the goods

Everything you see on this site and all the products in our warehouses are unique pieces!
For the entire duration of the rental, therefore, the goods are understood to be under the care and custody of the customer.

5. Security deposit

The rental requires a security deposit equal to the total amount of the rented goods * .
Upon return, the amount will be returned to the customer after checking the condition of the goods.
In the event of damage, the sum for the repair of the goods will be agreed with customer assistance; if restoration is not possible, the customer is required to reimburse the entire value of the product.

* for long-term rentals, an ad hoc quote will be provided.

*in case of insurance by the customer, the deposit is not due; the total amount of the goods can be requested from our customer service.

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