What we rent

rental We rent original unique pieces of antiques, art, modern antiques, design, objects, vintage clothing and accessories in general.

In our warehouses we have a huge availability of complete furnishings of all types and periods: vintage furniture of modern antiques and design, period furniture, antiques, vintage objects, complete bookcases, clothes, records and much more.

We are among the few that offer original antiques and modern antiques, replicas have no place in our warehouses.

In addition, our website is updated daily with lots of new furnishings.

Wardrobes, armchairs, chairs, sofas, chandeliers, paintings, statues, furnishing accessories, carpets: browse our catalog and choose what you need for your rental.

In our stores and in stock you can find:
antiques | modern antiques | art | vintage | armchairs | furniture | complements | tables | chairs | sofas | accessories |   clothing

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