In our laboratory we offer the conservative restoration service of antiques and modern antiques, paintings and works of art.

The activity of our restorers , born about twenty years ago, it finds strength and professionalism; in our lab in Cambiago. Six members, formed by years of work in ancient and prestigious Milanese Boutiques, together with a dozen assistants, they are dedicated to recovering the ancient splendor of the furniture.
Our restoration is a conservative one: we avoid using aggressive materials, trying to preserve the structural integrity of the furniture; we follow the oldest and most reversible methods of hot gluing ; we keep the patina and we take care of the shellac polishing with a wax or buffer finish.

In addition to the cabinet-making interventions, over the years the laboratory has been enriched by the presence of professionals able to deal with carvings, lacquering and gilding.

Next to the offer of antiques restorations, we are also specialized in the field of modern antiques and design furniture and accessories, for which  we always provide a conservative service.
We also offer the possibility to customize the product, also through a wide choice of upholstery fabrics.

Through collaboration with specialists , we are also able to offer pictorial restoration, antique leather restoration and lighting services.

Write us for a  free estimation and without obligation for the restoration of your furnitures.



Infoline: 333 965 7551 or 333 327 5374