Veronese Neoclassical Desk

Code :  ANTASC0107515


Veronese Neoclassical Desk

Code :  ANTASC0107515

Product Details

Style:  Neoclassical (1765-1790)

Time:  XVIII Century - 1700

Origin:  Verona, Italia

Main essence:  fir walnuts olive

Veronese neoclassical desk, finished in the day, is supported by truncated pyramidal legs tapered and tightened at the top by a collar, connected to the lower band by a die carved in a rosette; the uprights are also carved with a subsequent leaf motif. On the front it has two doors placed on the sides of the central compartment; the top is sliding and gives access to two side secrets, while in the center the desk top with Moroccan insert gives access to the compartment with drawers. Veneered in walnut and decorated with olive threads, the interiors are in walnut and spruce.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and resumption of polishing.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 82
Width: 121
Depth: 66

With certificate of authenticity

Certificate issued by:  Enrico Sala

Additional Information

Neoclassical (1765-1790):
Questo periodo storico comprende una prima fase propriamente definibile di Stile Luigi XVI. Solo in un secondo momento, con il maturare delle mode archeologiche, si formula e si codifica una nuova visione della civiltà d'arredo, ora compiutamente ascrivibile allo Stile Neoclassico. Nei fatti, entrambe le tendenze convivono all'unisono fino agli ultimi anni del Settecento. A pieno titolo, in ambito di ebanisteria, rientrano nell'epoca neoclassica anche gli stili Direttorio, Retour d'Egypte, Consolare e Impero.

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