Liberty chandelier

Code :  ANILLA0119080


Liberty chandelier

Code :  ANILLA0119080

Product Details

Style:  Art nouveau (1890-1920)

Time:  20th Century - 1900

Origin:  Italia

Material:  Sheet , Metal , Glass

Liberty chandelier in metal and sheet metal, from the central hat, covered in fabric, two arms decorated with monstrous animals branch off, supporting the double pair of candle holders with bevelled glass boubache.

Product Condition:
Lamp which, due to age and wear, may require restoration work, and probably has an electrification system that is not adequate to the standards in force.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 146
Width: 105
Depth: 46

Additional Information

Art nouveau (1890-1920):
The historical period and stylistic formed from the end dell'800 (1890 ca.) after the Umbertino-style and lasted until the first world war. The current is characterized by the influence of floral and soft and curved lines, typical example is the "whiplash". The first signs of this new time were by architects such as Hector Guimard (1867-1942), who created numerous buildings and hotels, in addition to the famous roofs of Paris metro in the style of Art Nouveau, but also by people like Arthur Mackmurdo and furniture design Arthur Liberty industrial and merchant of london of the late '800, which started to produce upholstery fabrics with floral patterns, from soft and sinuous shapes. The Paris universal exhibition of 1900, in which were presented new objects from the soft lines, gentle, and floral was an important point for the development and the affirmation of the Liberty in the decade to follow. The Liberty was called in different ways according to the nation, universally known as Art-Nouveau, but also as Jugendstil in Germany, Secession in Austria, Art and Craft in America and Britain, Modernism in Spain and think that it was precisely by Arthur Liberty derives from the name given in Italy to this beautiful current style. The name Art-Nouveau-instead, it is thought to be derived from a shop in Paris called Maison de l'art Nouveau, which began to show in their shop windows, pieces of furniture from the new and innovative design. With the end of the first world war ended the period of the natural Liberty and made the flower head, with lines that are more rigid and geometric, Art-Deco.

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