Pair of Torch Holders Craved Wood '800

Europe Early 1800s

Code :  OGANOG0211561

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Pair of Torch Holders Craved Wood '800

Europe Early 1800s

Code :  OGANOG0211561

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Pair of Torch Holders Craved Wood '800 - Europe Early 1800s


Europe Early 1800s

Style:  Empire (1804-1815)

Age:  19th Century / 1801-1900

Origin:  Europe

Material:  Wood


Pair of Empire torch holders in carved wood, gilded with mecca and gold leaf. Recently electrified.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, shows small signs of wear. Electrical system not tested. We try to present the real state of the item as fully as possible with photos. If some details are not clear from the photos, what is reported in the description will prevail.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 112
Diameter: 47

Additional Information

Style: Empire (1804-1815)

Decorative style of the furniture that is affirmed under the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte, that is, between 1799, the year of his election as consul, and 1815, the year of his definitive defeat.
It has many elements of continuity with the previous Direttorio style, in the more general Neoclassical climate, which derived from the study of classical antiquity the forms and models to be inspired in the creation of furniture.
The peculiar feature of this style is a greater grandeur and courtesy of the furnishings, which had to convey the grandeur of the French nation to the world, hence the name Empire style.
The furniture is characterized by straight, majestic and massive lines, adorned with motifs dear to Napoleon such as bees, eagles, large Ns surrounded by laurel, and, after the Egyptian campaign, many elements taken from Egyptian art.
He prefers the flat bronze decorations, often gilded, to the refined carvings of previous years.
The typical essence of Empire furniture is mahogany.
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Age: 19th Century / 1801-1900

Material: Wood

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