Stone statue

Code :  ARTART0000094

Stone statue

Code :  ARTART0000094

Product Details

Origin:  Veneto, Italia

Artistic technique:  Scultura-volume

Material:  Marble

Marble statue Verona depicting male figure placed in the feet, which with one hand holds up the garment, and with the other raised, seems to want to throw something, perhaps of the arrows: at the feet of the deity, in fact, is an eagle, and the head carries a corona, the elements that make one think of the depiction of Jupiter. The square base reinforced with cement which is typical of the statues in the Veneto adorned the palaces and their inputs.

Product Condition:
Product that shows signs of wear due to age. Requires small restoration interventions.

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 142
Width: 50
Depth: 43

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