Giovanni Boni Oil On Canvas 19th Century

Siege Scene

Code :  ARAROT0116058

Giovanni Boni Oil On Canvas 19th Century

Siege Scene

Code :  ARAROT0116058

Giovanni Boni Oil On Canvas 19th Century - Siege Scene


Siege Scene

Artist:  Giovanni Boni (XIX)

Work title:  Scena d'assedio

Time:  XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

Subject:  Historical subject

Artistic technique:  Pittura

Technical specification:  Oil on canvas

Description : Scena d'assedio

Oil on canvas. Outside the fortifications of a city, a commander, surrounded by his soldiers, is about to light the fuse of the cannon. The army defends the citadel outside the walls and the soldiers scan the horizon looking downwards: this leads us to place the scene on the fortifications of a city, in particular those of Genoa, that rise on the mountains behind it and from which the Genoese defended the city from attacks from the sea; the Genoa setting is also supported by the banner that flies over the walls, the Saint George Cross (red cross on a white background), flag of the Republic of Genoa. The shape of the armor, weapons and clothing would refer to the siege of Genoa in 1522. It is therefore the nineteenth-century representation of a historical episode, which is then part of that pictorial production widespread in Italy in the nineteenth century, inspired by the new historical novel popular in literature. On the back of the frame there is the name G. Boni, together with a number that refers to participation in an official exhibition. Giovanni Boni was a pupil of the Brera Academy, in particular a follower of Giuseppe Sogni, an artist who was among the first to favour historical painting in its innovative romantic declinations. Not much is known about Boni, neither from a biographical point of view nor from his production. Of his certain attribution we know only the Nude of Man (painted Academy) with which he won the first prize for the Scuola del Nudo in Brera in 1852. The piece expresses the figures and the pathos of the scene with expressive efficiency; the characters in the foreground are very well characterized in their poses, expressions, in the details of the clothes and weapons, while the other figures fade into the background, suggesting the presence of a large army. The painting, still on the first canvas, shows small widespread losses of colour. It is presented in a frame in style.

Product Condition:
Fair condition. Wear consistent with age and use. Any damage or loss is displayed as completely as possible in the pictures.

frame Size (cm):
Height: 98
Width: 125
Depth: 5

work dimensions (cm):
Height: 112
Width: 85

Additional Information

Artist: Giovanni Boni (XIX)

Time: XIX Century - from 1801 to 1900

Subject: Historical subject

Artistic technique: Pittura

La pittura è l'arte che consiste nell'applicare dei pigmenti a un supporto come la carta, la tela, la seta, la ceramica, il legno, il vetro o un muro. Essendo i pigmenti essenzialmente solidi, è necessario utilizzare un legante, che li porti a uno stadio liquido, più fluido o più denso, e un collante, che permetta l'adesione duratura al supporto. Chi dipinge è detto pittore o pittrice. Il risultato è un'immagine che, a seconda delle intenzioni dell'autore, esprime la sua percezione del mondo o una libera associazione di forme o un qualsiasi altro significato, a seconda della sua creatività, del suo gusto estetico e di quello della società di cui fa parte.

Technical specification: Oil on canvas

The oil painting is a painting technique using powder pigments mixed with bases in inert and oils.

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