P. Bonard Aquatint on Paper France 1924

La femme au chien, 1924

Code :  ARARNO0151902

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P. Bonard Aquatint on Paper France 1924

La femme au chien, 1924

Code :  ARARNO0151902

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P. Bonard Aquatint on Paper France 1924 - La femme au chien, 1924


La femme au chien, 1924

Artist:  Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)

Artwork title:  La femme au chien

Age:  XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

Subject:  Scene with Figures

Origin:  Francia

Artistic technique:  Stampa Multiplo

Technical specification:  Aquatint

Description : La femme au chien

Color aquatint. Signed lower left and right in pencil; serial number 160/200 lower left. Pierre Bonnard, French painter, printmaker and photographer, began painting while studying law in Paris, but soon abandoned the art of forensics to devote himself only to painting. In 1888, at the Julian Academy in Paris, Pierre bonnard founded with Paul Sérusier, Maurice Denis and Paul Ranson, the group of painters Nabis (Prophets), a group that drew on the works and poetics of Paul Gauguin in their aesthetic ideals. , for the overcoming of Impressionist naturalism through a return to primitive and Japanese art. In 1891 Pierre Bonnard created his first label for a wine company, some lithographs for "La Revue Blanche" (where the Nabis met) and also designed furniture and decoration projects for screens involving Toulouse-Lautrec with the decorative quality of his paintings and his personal use of color. In 1892 he exhibited some of his decorative panels at the Salon des Indépendants, beginning to interest art critics. Little by little the painter abandoned the gray academic tones and enthusiastically experienced the encounter of art with the world of colorful common things. His works, soon recognizable of the iridescent colors, the bright lines and the open perspective, were widely appreciated. In 1896 he held his first solo show, and his fame spread to Europe with exhibitions in Sweden and Norway. Passed under the influence of the current of Art Nouveau, Bonnard became interested in Japanese prints, very fashionable in the Parisian artistic world at the end of the nineteenth century, to the point of carrying some traits in his paintings: Bonnard will be nicknamed the "Japanese Nabi". With his friend Edouard Vuillard, he also developed a new interest in the scenes of intimate domestic interiors, a genre that would become known as "Intimism" and which proposed the Parisian world in the years before the First World War. In 1910 Pierre Bonnard discovered the south of France and thus began to paint luminous landscapes. In the last twenty years of his artistic career he continued to paint, ranging in all subjects and in all techniques congenial to him, creating decorative paintings but also numerous sketches and drawings, lithographic works in color or in black and white, posters, illustrations for books and magazines that have influenced modern art. The aquatint presented here is part of a large 1920s production of this subject, the "woman with dog", proposed in many variations. It is presented in a frame.

Product Condition:
Product in good condition, with small signs of wear.

Frame Size (cm):
Height: 69
Width: 54
Depth: 4

Artwork dimensions (cm):
Height: 50
Width: 24,5

Additional Information

Artist: Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)

Age: XX Century - from 1901 to 2000

The twentieth century is characterized by the prevalence of the bourgeoisie over the working class and by the discovery that life continues to be a struggle for survival and to improve its quality. Technological progress, instead of favoring this development, becomes an instrument of mechanization and drying up of man, who needs to look for a "soul supplement" and new forms to express it. Therefore, a whole series of artistic currents are born that create works expressing the interiority of man, which evoke reality from within rather than represent it, and depict it using, freely, shapes and colors. We therefore have Decadentism with Art Nouveau, Matisse and Braque's Fauvism, Picasso's Cubism, then Expressionism with Munch, Kandinskij's Abstractionism and Metaphysical painting by Carrà and De Chirico. There are numerous currents and groups of artists and intellectuals who use Art as a Manifesto of their thought, often also with a political connotation.
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Subject: Scene with Figures

Artistic technique: Stampa Multiplo

Technical specification: Aquatint

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