Ancient Cupboard with Étagère '800 Mahogany Silver Fir

England Mid 19th Century

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Ancient Cupboard with Étagère '800 Mahogany Silver Fir

England Mid 19th Century

Code :  ANMOCR0201519

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Ancient Cupboard with Étagère '800 Mahogany Silver Fir - England Mid 19th Century


England Mid 19th Century

Style:  Victorian (1830-1900)

Age:  19th Century / 1801-1900

Origin:  England

Main essence:  Silver Fir Mahogany

Material:  Mahogany Slab , Carved Wood


Mahogany veneered sideboard, England mid-19th century. Upstand with shelf, body with double door on the front. Decorated with frets and voluminous curly and foliaceous carvings. Shortcomings in the carving. Interior in fir.

Product Condition:
Product that due to age and wear requires restoration and re-polishing. We try to present the real state of the furniture as fully as possible with photos. If some details are not clear from the photos, what is reported in the description will prevail.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 151
Width: 145
Depth: 44

Additional Information

Style: Victorian (1830-1900)

This refers to one of the predominant styles used during the Victorian era.
Like the latter, it roughly refers to the duration of the reign of Queen Victoria (20 June 1837 - 22 January 1901), from which it took its name.
Characterized by a great expansion of the home furnishing market and by new mechanized production possibilities, but not by great aesthetic innovations, but by the revival of stylistic elements from various previous eras.
Find out more about the Victorian style with our insights:
Writing desk, Arthur Blain, Liverpool c. 1840

Age: 19th Century / 1801-1900

Main essence:

Silver Fir

Soft coniferous wood, used for rustic furniture or to build the chest, that is the structure, of furniture then veneered in more precious woods. It has been used since ancient times, its most valuable use is, in the Spruce variant, in the inlays of French antique furniture of the '700 . The spruce, more typical of northern Europe, in Italy grows mainly in the Eastern Alps at altitudes above 1300 m. The noblest use of this essence was in the construction of violins, guitars and cellos: Stradivari himself produced his famous violins with this wood.


It is one of the most precious and sought-after woods in cabinet making. It was discovered in Central America around 1600 and began to be imported to England in the 1700s. Much appreciated for its hardness and indestructibility, it became widespread following the blocking of walnut exports from France in 1720 and the consequent elimination of English import duties on mahogany from the colonies in America and India. The most valuable version comes from Cuba, but it became very expensive. At the end of the 18th century it began to be used also in France in Louis XVI, Directory and Empire furniture, its diffusion declined starting from when Napoleon, in 1810, forbade its import. It was generally used in the manufacture of elegant furniture, due to its characteristics and beautiful grain.


Mahogany Slab

Carved Wood

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