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“Our dream is to build a workplace and a social place, that is: a place where we not only work but grow, communicate, live and share a moment of life. ”
The Di Mano in Mano labor cooperative came to life in 1999 on the initiative of some members of the communities of Villapizzone and Castellazzo, embracing their values ​​by bringing them into the world of work. At the basis of the rules of Di Mano in Mano there is respect for the life of each worker and his personal and family needs. Taking care of the environment, its territory and the community that inhabits it, its history, art and culture, its needs for work and training opportunities and its social fragility: these values ​​are the solid foundations on which we have built over the years a unique business model, faithful to that revolutionary idea of ​​finding and practicing new ways to improve the quality of life. The equal salary in proportion to the number of hours worked, the indivisibility of profits, which has characterized the partners' employment relationship since the very beginning, confirms Di Mano in Mano's intention to continue to live in the spirit of work sharing, respecting the person and sobriety. Our vision is to help save the planet through our work and improve the world of work through our choices. Therefore continue to pursue a sustainable economic model that is based on the care of people, their needs and the world around us.



“We understand work not only as an action of production of goods and services aimed at economic gain but as an integral part of human life, as an adult need. ”
“More value to people ” can be read in the pay-off and translates into professionalism and innovation, which for
Di Mano in Mano it means adopting a work system that ensures training, flexibility and professionalism; and sharing of intentions and values. The strength of the group is based on trust in people and on the enhancement of their skills.


For Di Mano in Mano, it is particularly important to give the possibility; to all young people to enter the world of work. In a socio-economic moment that considers even 40-year-olds young apprentices and does not allow them to “risk the future ”with important choices such as a family, a house or a mission, the Cooperative is committed to giving a different response that starts precisely from an openness towards young people. Through summer internships and apprenticeship projects, young people of working age can have their first work experience and find professional development within the Cooperative.


“A company is always a part of society and operates in a territory, it is part of a community and as such it can only work for the good of that community ”.
With this spirit
Di Mano in Mano has chosen to offer young people work and training spaces and to pay great attention to the most fragile people. Since its establishment, the Employment Cooperative Society Di Mano in Mano it has welcomed over 700 job grants, with dozens of job placements a year and several disadvantaged people included in the workforce. It actively and constantly collaborates with the Social Services of Milan, the Ministry of Justice, the Local Health Authorities, Caritas Ambrosiana, and with various Associations and Municipalities in the Milan area and province. Social commitment, therefore, not as a statutory obligation - Di Mano in Mano is not a social enterprise and does not belong to the third sector –but as a choice that is the basis of an essential value scale. The inverted commas are declarations of intent of the founding members, upon establishment of Di Mano in Mano.


Since its establishment, Di Mano in Mano has made the reuse of materials its source of inspiration and also of turnover. Today there are about 1,500 apartments cleared out every year with a recovery percentage of the objects that stands at around 80%. From books to furnishings, from kitchens to wardrobes, from paintings to furniture, from fabrics to clothes. Everything, or almost everything, is screened and repurposed. The waste, about 20% of the evictions, is differentiated and disposed of in special paid centres. We would like to underline this: in many years of activity we have never used the ecological platforms of the Municipalities. It is a precise choice of respect for the rules and for the environment that Di Mano in Mano has made since our first day. Although our business is not particularly energy-intensive, we have provided an energy plan with completely renewable sources. Currently some of the roofs of Cambiago host a few hundred photovoltaic panels which will soon increase. The forecast for 2023 is to reach the autonomy of the energy needs for electricity. Led lamps have been adopted for a 50% reduction in electricity consumption from lighting.


The answers to the most frequent questions you ask us.
  • Is your cooperative in the third sector? Di Mano in Mano it is not a social enterprise, it does not belong to the third sector and therefore does not have the statutory obligation to engage in social work. The social commitment arises from a conscious choice to position itself as a company inserted in the territory and in the social fabric with the aim of contributing to their improvement.
  • Do you take public funds? As a working cooperative Di Mano in Mano does not take or has ever taken public funds. The earnings deriving from the various activities of our company are invested to feed a virtuous circle in which we increasingly seek to expand the activities with the aim of including new job grants in the Cooperative reality.
  • How does the job placement of disadvantaged people work? The persons in charge of job placements collaborate with the local Social Assistants, dealing with placements at various levels and in the most disparate activities. From cleaning, to data entry, from the restoration of antique furniture to the sorting of books and objects. To each according to their potential.
  • But are you the same as when I made my first move or have you become something else? Also said: how has your reality evolved or changed since 1999, the year of its foundation? The values ​​of community, hospitality, sustainability; have remained cornerstones since the very beginning of Di Mano in Mano, but over time the company has evolved by expanding spaces, product categories and sales platforms.
  • Can I bring items and clothes on consignment? It is not our policy to use consignment. Our goods mainly come from evictions.
  • If I have valuable objects, furniture, paintings, do you buy them? We usually buy when it comes to full furnishings of antiques, design and art of a certain standard. The rest comes to us from evictions.
  • I have a house to empty, I'll give you everything, is the service free? We evaluate case by case: if the value of the goods is equated to the estimated cost of the clearing then the answer is yes.
  • Do we pick up clothes and books? Most of the goods in the clothing and book departments come from clearings or donations. We evaluate purchases only in the case of valuable goods such as particularly sought-after garments or old books.
  • Do we carry out valuation of own assets? Yes, but only if intended for purchase by Di Mano in Mano. If the pieces for which appraisal is requested are of particular prestige we may consider offering a paid appraisal service with one of our experts.
  • Do you also take back furniture from the 80s onwards? Not usually, we specialize in antiques and modern items up to the 60s and 70s.
  • Ok I like the project, can I make donations? Yes, in the form of donated goods.
  • Can I work with you? We evaluate applications that are sent to the email addresses on our site or hand-delivered to our stores.
  • Can I rent everything I see from the site? Yes, minus the high-end products that belong to the "FineArt" section. In fact, these follow a particular path for which it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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