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Di Mano in Mano: Antiquariato, Modernariato, Arte e Libri Usati

Since the evictions to international market

Di Mano in Mano - La nostra storiaWe are a social enterprise, active for over 15 years on the Italian territory that is rooted in the experience of community life of Villapizzone and Castellazzo.
The business, founded initially to support the family community has grown and is structured in the cooperative from hand to hand with about 50 members, 15 employees and 27/30 people at a disadvantage, Italy is one of the most important companies of this type.
Since 2008 also, landing on the web, all products that pass by the cooperative are just a click away; the market has expanded considerably, so much so that our customers are spread around the world.


Attention to detail, collaboration and corresponabilità

Di Mano in Mano - I nostri valoriAll of our activities and the services we offer to our clients such as evictions, the furniture restoration, evaluations and appraisals, are managed and developed by the cooperative from hand to hand by keeping the spirit with which they were born: the balance between social and entrepreneurial dimension is crucial.
Collaboration, cooperation and equal dignity for all the people involved in the work process are core values.
We work with social services, the Ministry of Justice, the ASL, the Caritas Ambrosiana, and with various local associations.


Two shops with over 4,000 sqm of exhibition space

Di Mano in Mano - I nostri negoziIn our two stores, one in Milan in Viale Espinasse 99 and one to Cambiago in via Castellazzo 8, you can find furniture and antique and modern furnishing, home decor, accessories and vintage clothes and two-stocked libraries with tens of thousands of used books.
Every month we also rise to events dedicated to antiques, collectables, art and fashion to give the opportunity to all customers to know our world through interesting initiatives. We also work with prestigious partners for the realization of cultural events, amongst all the exhibition may 2015 at Fuorisalone Beetles


Evictions, retreats, reviews & buying

Di Mano in Mano - I nostri serviziIn addition to selling in our two stores and on our website, we offer various services for our clients.
We vacate and retreats of furniture free of charge; every day ten vans are active in Lombardy and neighboring regions.
We also offer the service of restoration: in our two laboratories we strive to restore former glory to antiques and modern design but also to works of art such as paintings and sculptures.
Finally, we buy
antiques from furniture from ' 600 in mid ' 900 to furnishings and decorations but also paintings, chandeliers, bronzes, ceramics, collectible books, libraries, design and contemporary art.


Browse thousands of unique items available on our website: five shops offering Antiques, modernism and Design, art, workshop of 900 and an extensive online library with thousands of titles.
The rich artistic panorama consists of antiquarian and rare and valuable pieces, but also the most common furniture, proposed at specific prices today accessible to furniture, home decor, lamps, chandeliers and furnishings of modern design of the 60 's and 70 of the most prestigious Italian and international designer brands from the permanent galleries of Art to the online bookstore, gold mine for those looking for books to read , to browse, to collect.

Di Mano in Mano: 5 negozi online
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