Group of 6 Plates Majolica Italy XVIII Century

Code :  OGANCE0107502


Group of 6 Plates Majolica Italy XVIII Century

Code :  OGANCE0107502

Product Details

Time:  XVIII Century - 1700

Origin:  Lombardia, Italia

Material:  Ceramic

Group of six majolica ceramic plates with an all-round polychrome decoration of oriental taste. The plates have a slightly sloping brim and a smooth red-brown profiled edge. The lot consists of three dinner plates and three soup plates.

Product Condition:
Item in good condition, with signs of wear and small chips. A plate with evident signs of restoration.

Dimensions (cm):
Diameter: 23

Additional Information

Notes historical bibliographic:
PASQUALE RUBATI Pasquale Rubati was born in Lodi into a family of potters of Savona origin and after having worked for Rossetti in Lodi, he followed him to Turin. In 1745 he is documented among the painters of the Clerici factory, but disappears from his lists in 1756 to appear in other documents that prove the painful start-up of his fine majolica factory on the other side of the city, next to the church of Sant'Angelo. Pasquale Rubati has certainly left Clerici taking away "the secrets of the colors" that is the recipes of small-fire colors, knowledge that allowed him to develop his extraordinary talent as a painter. Pasquale is a man of the finest taste as evidenced by his majolica "which is not distinguished from porcelain but by transparency" inspired by French and Viennese porcelain. After his death, his son Carlo will continue the business with a partner, Emanuele Bonzanini, but with much less success.

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